This holiday season I’m trying to focus more on LOSING weight rather than gaining the 30 pounds I seem to gain during that time of year.  It helps when my attempt at cooking pumpkin bread was a disaster.  (I did the toothpick test and it passed.  So why when I cut into it was half of it raw?) So that took that temptation away.

I bought this DVD to help keep off the pounds.


I plan to get my butt kicked for every single minute of it. 

The problem is, is that it’s nearing the holidays.  And they had these…


And I just can’t say no to these.  Plus I like to be ironic and what is more ironic than buying a workout DVD and a high calorie/high fat chocolate candy at the same time?  To be honest I don’t know if that is ACTUALLY irony but it sounds good.

I know these two don’t care what size I am…well, the brown one judges a little bit but the black one? We’re kindred spirits.  Food makes us content. And it shows.  





Could there possibly be a cuter turtle?