There is nothing more fun in life than a good ole’ fashion rivalry. 

It is fun.  Until the rivalry involves you and your significant other. 

It is REALLY fun when your team is on the losing side of that rivalry and you have to go sleep in the same bed as the enemy.  It makes my skin crawl everytime I think of it.


I know I’ve shown this picture a million times but A. I look skinny in it (can I say that when it’s a headshot?) and B. it tells you which teams I’m talking about.

OU and Nebraska are not doing well at all this year.  Not. At. All.  But a victory still matters.

Unfortunately OU sucked a little more this year than Nebraska did.

I may have crossed a line when I posted this on facebook:


(Is anyone shocked to see that my profile picture is of a dog? Anyone?)

He was being so kind to me until he saw that.  Then he let the insults fly.  And just a note–I don’t hate my husband.  I just strongly dislike him in moments like these. 

I’m over it now.  Only because I know I have two little Sooner girls that have my back!