There’s a few reasons why my husband and I don’t invest large portions of money into toys for the dogs. 

I’ll apologize ahead of time–90% of the pictures have blurry elements to them.  It’s the new style in photography!

It starts out innocently enough…

“Ohh so cute”

“Look at her get that hedgehog!

“Yes, I do believe that is the fabric tearing after playing with it for five minutes.”

We’re convinced that Lexi up there either doesn’t know how to play or has A.D.D. and just doesn’t have time for such trivial things.

And this one, Sadie, this is the look she gave me when I took the squeaker away from her.  She stares daggers straight through a person.

See how confused she is? 

Playing with scraps at this point. 

The Aftermath.

Decapitation is never an easy way to go.  And he looks TICKED about it! (Pretty shot of my nubby fingers!)

And don’t even get me started with the candy-cane bone in the picture below…

What dog completely ignores a rawhide bone?  Spoiled brat dogs do, that’s who.