Lexi.  My sweet little, darling Lexi. 

Look at how sweet and innocent she is. 

She could not possibly have one mean bone in her body, could she?

If you decide to come anywhere near HER property you better watch out.  She turns into a lean, mean, fighting machine.  (And I’m being VERY generous with the word lean.)

Uh-oh.  Someone’s been spotted trespassing. 

Get ’em Lexi, GET ‘EM!  Save us from this horrible intruder!

Look at that extension.  The speed.  The ferocity. 

Let’s check in and see what Sadie thinks of these intruders.

She seems unphased, unaltered in her resolve…to break the log into as many pieces as possible.  People, it’s a good, natural alternative to bones-LOGS! 

Lexi’s got her sister’s back though.  She’ll protect her against any force that threatens their sanctuary. 

Even a force as mighty and terrifying as…



Wait, birds?  That’s it? 

You know those Robin Redbreasts are pretty frightening this time of year. 

And I think you and I both know the minute an actual intruder breaks in there will be no reaction from the canine species of the household.