I’ve decided to spice things up around here and do a weekly post on some of my favorite things.  Some weeks may have a theme but like most of my writing most will be written haphazardly.

This week actually has a theme and it is (drumroll please) DOGS!

I bought this bed for the dogs for Christmas.  I know they have no clue that it’s actually Christmas but I felt they needed to join in the festivities with us!

Ok, Sadie if you could remove your nose from the camera I’d appreciate it.

There.  Much better.  This bed is amazing.  If your dog enjoys propping his or her head on pillows, then this is the bed for you. If your dog enjoys curling up in a ball, then this is the bed for you. The only down side is the center part is a light, cream color so having a dark brown and black dog causes a bit of a problem.  Unless you like that dirt, dog hair everywhere look.  Then it’s perfect for you.

You can buy this bed here . It could possibly change your life. 

Next we have The Mod Dog collars.  All of you may have heard of these already but I just discovered them late last year.  They are beautiful custom designed dog collars.  I ordered a couple for my pooches and they’ve never looked more stylish. 

Sadie is sporting the “Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun” collar.  Why?  Because she loves to chase and eat squirrels.  It’s that simple.  Plus (and most importantly) the colors meshed well with her fur color.

(Seen from a distance)

(Seen from as close as she would let me get without running away)

This particular collar is found here.

Lexi received the “K9 Inked” collar.  Why? Because she’s a grade-A bad mamma jamma!  If she were a person I’m pretty sure she’d have full sleeves of tattoos covering her arms! 

Sadly, that is the clearest shot of it I could get.  She’s a wiggler!

You can see it in all it’s glory here.  Obviously the one I’ve linked to is the small version and the only small thing on Lexi is her ears. 

The maker of these collars is extremely easy to work with and she will create custom orders for you if you need to. 

The homepage of her Etsy shop can be found here.

I may have saved the best for last.  Although I do not currently own this product I am saving my hard earned pennies and depriving myself of new shoes and food so I can purchase one (or two).

Pet Portraits by Aimée (pronounced A-May)  Hoover.

Wow is all I have to say.  She captures the soul of a dog in every painting she does.  She’s also been featured on The Bonnie Hunt Show just this past month!

Her paintings are phenomenal and someday (SOMEDAY!) I will have one of her portraits in my house!

She also does a giveaway almost every month on Twitter where she’ll give away a portrait of your dog that she paints in 140 minutes. 

Her website is here. And you can follow her on Twitter here.

She’s extremely talented, witty, and she has a killer pair of boots that I want. 

That wraps up this weeks favorites! If you have any favorites (dog related or not!) leave a comment and maybe it will become one of my favorite things!