The Lord blessed me with another moment in my life that I would love to just forget.

So that is why I’m sharing it with the world. 

I must be insane.

Tuesday afternoon at work I had to head on down to the little girl’s room.  After that I was walking down the hall to return to my office.  At this point I will tell you two things: a.) I work at a university so I’m walking down a hall with classrooms and b.) I was wearing a skirt and tights.

Do I even need to go any further with this story?

You’ve probably guessed it but if you haven’t here it is: my skirt was tucked into my tights.  I always, I mean ALWAYS, check my backside after a trip to the bathroom.  Somehow this little smidgen of my skirt decided to stay tucked in exposing my upper thigh to anyone walking behind me.  As luck would have it only one person was behind me…as MY luck would have it is was a student that works for us in the office.  And this student happens to be a shy guy.  I feel really bad if my tighted, upper thigh is his first glimpse into the female form.  *Shudder*

I mean, how do you recover from something so horrific like that?

I just pulled the skirt out and kept on walking.  And I’ve avoided eye contact with that particular student worker ever since.

Thankfully for all of us there are no pictures of this particular event. 

Anyone have an skirt tucking story that tops this one?  Let me hear it to make my mind feel at ease!

Ok, moving on to two ladies who don’t mind exposing their hindside’s to anyone and everyone!