Is anyone as surprised as I am that I’m actually making it to a week two?  I know I am! 

Let’s get to it shall we?

One A Day VitaCraves Gummies.  Considering I’m nearing my thirties and the sight of lettuce still grosses me out, you could say I’m a bit immature when it comes to food and beverage.  With these I get all my vitamins in the guise of a fruit snack!  Cherry is by far my favorite!  Orange I could do without but luckily that’s my husband’s favorite so we share.  Also, please note, the company that makes them is One A Day yet the first line in the instructions states, “Take two vitamins daily.” Sounds a bit like false advertising to me.  But I’ll refrain from suing since they made me tolerate taking vitamins!

Ohhh, sigh.  These are the jeans that wouldn’t make it up past my knees.  And now that I’m actually looking at a picture of them I’m thinking, “How does my big old booty not fit in those jeans?”  These jeans were a miracle of God.  They’re a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that I bought off of Ebay.  If you know my body (and I’m guessing you don’t) it’s not easy to find jeans that fit properly.  We’ll just say my waist to hip ratio is a bit wonky.  I know I’m not alone in this.  I received this pair of jeans and they fit.  Like a glove.  It was truly a miracle.  Someday I’ll wear you again jeans.  Someday.

This is one of the reason’s my jeans do not fit.  Although it is technically low in fat, when you eat ten servings at once it sort of negates the low fatness of a product.  Edy’s Caramel Cone Crunch is delicious.  I don’t think it’s technically ice cream but I don’t care.  It’s delicious.  And those bits of cone covered in chocolate, wow.  Divine.  I really love it’s fattening cousin, Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dreams, but in my everyday life this is what I treat myself to. 

Well, hi there.  These shoes have to be some of my favorites I’ve ever purchased.  They are from Target and before you ask they’re a couple of years old so they’re no longer available.  They’re comfortable and they give a pop of animal magnetism to outfits.  I love them.  If it was legal to marry a pair of shoes, this would be the pair for me.  Love you!

My favorite picture of the dogs this week.  Mainly because it encapsulates every photo shoot I try to have with them.  The minute I walk outdoors with the camera they attack each other.  It makes no sense.  Unless…maybe they’re taking out their frustration with me on each other.  Ahh, yes, that’s probably it.

Until next week…