Here’s the deal.  My husband and I can be sort of competitive. 

 Unfortunately, we’re not competitive about anything worthwhile.  For instance, you can find us in our kitchen tossing marshmallows in our mouth to see who can catch the most.  Or we’ll see who can pin who quicker wrestling. I’m sure we’re not alone in the “things we do to entertain ourselves” category. 

Lately our obsession has turned to our Itouch.  Specifically, Bejeweled and Doodle Jump.

If you don’t have Doodle Jump, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT, it will ruin your life and your productivity.  Especially if you have a spouse who is constantly competing with you for the high score. 

Currently my husband has the high score in Doodle Jump and I reign supreme (by quite a large margin, a thank you very much) in Bejeweled.  The trash talk is horrendous and embarrassing and even the dogs are ashamed to be in the same household as us.

She those faces. They’re saying “THE HORROR! THE HORROR!”

We’ll continue to be dorks even if the dogs are judging us.  What are some of the dumb things you and your significant other do out of boredom?  Please share, so I feel a little more normal.