Complaining about husbands is a really fun thing to do.  I could do it all day everyday.  Not necessarily about MY husband per say, but I can easily complain or listen to other women complain about their husbands day in and day out.

I love my husband.  I do.  And while he has his faults, and I have none, I do my best to look past them and love him in spite of them.  Lauren, I can feel you laughing at this paragraph.

Look at that.  How could you not love a man who isn’t afraid to show off his pirouette in public?  Would this even be qualified as a pirouette? I don’t know. 

I love him for stuff like this.  He is not afraid to act dorky in public to make me happy.  He’ll pretend to be interested in the Shiba Inu puppy cam.  He calls me everyday at his lunchtime just to check on me.  He finds hiding spots in the kitchen when I can’t control my eating of Starburst jelly beans.  (And yes, that happened, just last night)

Although he’s not perfect, once again like me, he is perfect in my eyes.

Except when he doesn’t put his dishes away.  Then I want to give him a nice tap on the booty…

And finally, he lets me be obsessed with these two…

And he’s a little obsessed with them too.  Considering they received Valentine’s Day gifts and we didn’t get anything for each other, I’d say he’s okay with this obsession.

Looking at these pictures makes me realize one thing: my dogs need a bath. Stat.