Here’s the deal, I’m going to be frank and honest with you.  The Olympics to me are nothing but a tv schedule ruiner. I wouldn’t say I hate them, more like I put up with them.  I’d much rather watch something worthwhile like Ghost Hunters or Pawn Stars. 

 I know it seems totally un-American and yada yada yada but I don’t like them.  My husband’s jaw hit the floor when I unleashed that deep, dark secret to him.  He said, “That totally changes everything.” He loves them, so they’re on at all times which is fine, I just work on my Doodle Jump score. However,  there is one exception for each the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics: gymnastics and ice skating. 

Let’s talk about men’s ice skating for a bit, shall we?

The first thing I thought of when I saw this guy was he’s the draconian brother of this guy:

Am I right?   The dark hair, brooding looks, and totally unpronounceable last names. And the ice skater was much tanner on tv than in that picture. 

This guy.  Ay, yi, yi…Why?  Why would you purposely give yourself a haircut that looks like an exaggerated widow’s peak?  It’s also making his distinctive schnoz look a little too distinctive.  Great skater, needs a new hairdresser.  Loved his sequined vest/tie combo, it could have used a tassle or two though.

Not often, other than Halloween, do you get to see a skeleton…

followed immediately by a sailor…

I was more than a little disappointed that Johnny Weir didn’t even place.  I mean honestly, can anyone rock a pink tassle and netted gloves like he can?  I think not…

Did you hear about the latest gold medal winners from China and Japan?

They tied for gold in the Most Annoying Dog in the Neighborhood competition.  They both look extremely pleased with themselves.