I know I’ve mentioned more than once about how I don’t want a baby.  Here’s the deal though, kids love me.  I’m like the flame to their moth, peanut butter to their jelly, the pied piper to their rats.  I have no reason or explanation for this. I’m super boring and have nothing at all to bring to the table.

I have a theory though.  You know the whole situation that cats are attracted to the one person who is ignoring them?  I think the same applies to kids.  They sense the energy around you–feel a calmness and proceed to destroy that calmness with screaming and jumping around and throwing things. 

On Saturday night Eric and Lauren were babysitting their niece and nephew.  They are adorable and sweet and sticky and well, they’re children.  We came over to have dinner with them and to hang out.  They wanted to eat dinner by me, play with me, and (I don’t want to brag) by the end of the night the niece wanted me to tuck her into bed. 

Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s involved in tucking a child into bed so her Auntie Lauren had to perform that duty. 

Although some kids have a harder time appreciating me.  On Friday I had a couple of girls about the age of ten in my office and they were giggling and whispering and looking–in my direction.  How dare a ten-year old child give me a complex?  I might have overreacted on Twitter:

Ok, I don’t hate them.  I just get paranoid when anyone, kids or adults, is whispering and looking over in my general direction.  I’m self-conscious enough without the giggling and whispering.  After a few minutes of talking about Wii though and they loved me. 

On a more depressing note, they were eating blue snow cones and I said they looked like Smurfs and they had no idea what I was talking about.  Shameful I tell you, SHAMEFUL! 

Do you know what’s not shameful? This girl…

In fact, some might say she’s shameless…

Although the condition of the bed is a little shameful.