About a week ago I was approached to do a product review from the website Pet-Super-Store.com.  After browsing around on their website I thought, sure why not?  They have tons of great stuff on there: from beds to collars and dog bowls to crates.   

The box arrived shortly after we decided which product to review.

We were all brimming with anticipation.

“What’s in the box? What’s in the box?” (Can you name that movie?) 

Also, please ignore my husband’s hindside in the picture, I’m not really sure what he’s searching for there. 

Sadie was super excited about finding out what was in the box.  Lexi was so excited that not one picture of her turned out! 


This gorgeous Flitch Wooden Feeder is amazing!  I mean, these are nicer than some of the dishes that my husband and I eat out of! Ok, not some, ALL the dishes we eat out of!

They come in single or double and in sizes extra small to large. 

Clearly my dogs needed the large. 

They love them because they’re elevated off the ground and they don’t have to stoop over anymore to eat.

Lexi finished her food in about .2 seconds as usual so that’s why she’s not included in this shot.

I love them because they’re sleek, modern and they fit in with the decor of my house.  Aren’t sleek and modern the first words you think of when you think of me?

I apologize for the quality of these pictures.  My house has the worst light and I am not the greatest photographer!

Thanks again to Pet-Super-Store.com for sending me this product to review.  The dogs and I enjoyed it tremendously!