This may possibly be the most controversial topic I’ve ever discussed on my blog.  Even more controversial than the tampon debate of ’09.

My husband and I have been arguing for years over this and I’m sure we’re not the first couple who has debated this.

What is this hot topic you ask?

Being from the south (if you consider Oklahoma the south) and him from the north (if you consider Nebraska the north) I call any cola product coke and he calls it pop.  It drives him absolutely crazy when I want to go to Sonic or somewhere to get a coke when I don’t even drink Coca Cola.  It doesn’t bother me when he asks for a pop so I don’t think it’s completely valid that it drives him crazy when I ask for a coke.  

What’s your preference? 

Here are my arguments that coke is a valid term for any form of cola product:

  • When you want a facial tissue what do you ask for?  A Kleenex.
  • When you want a cotton swab what do you ask for? A Q-tip.
  • If you type in Microsoft Outlook the word coke is not automatically capitalized but words such as: Microsoft, Nintendo, Verizon, & Motorola are (can you tell I was just looking around my living room at things?).  That means Windows does not recognize the word coke as a proper noun. 

I know what you’re thinking: “Why does she care this much?” and “How does she have time to think about such inane things?”

I make time people.  These are important issues that concern my husband and me.  And also, if it means that I can legitimately win an argument I will come up with as much concrete proof as I possibly can.

So, what do you say: Coke? Pop? Soda? 

You won’t be judged here at least by me.  I really am curious.

Now these two? 

(Lovely trashcans in the back, eh?!)

They may judge a little.