Update, Update, Update…We have a winner.  I hate only picking one because they were ALL so good!  But the winner of the car seat cover is…

Amber who captioned it: “Whaaat? Does this make my butt look big?” Thank you Amber, and yes, that does make their butts look big 🙂

Remember, I’ll be having more contests in the coming weeks.  Thanks again everyone! And a big huge thanks to Pet-Super-Store.com for providing the prize!

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming!

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in my giveaway.  It was so much fun and I felt like I made a lot of new friends.  I hope to have the winner up as soon as possible.  More giveaways to come in the future for sure!

This past Saturday my husband and I went to the zoo.  The zoo always holds a lot of excitement and amazement and this time was no different.  I’m always amazed at the amount of horrible parents there are out there, no offense if you are a horrible parent. But that was the least of the lessons I learned while at the zoo.

While in the Herpatarium I made one startling observation. Pit vipers look like a certain famous actor.

There’s the little pit viper.  Sweet little fella…

This is Martin Landau in Ed Wood.  Twins? I think so.  It’s unfortunate my husband had no idea who Martin Landau was, so the thought was totally lost on him.  What a waste!

Still having trouble seeing it?

That should help a bit.

Another thing I observed here (and at every aquarium I’ve ever visited) is that NEMO! and DORI! were in fact captured and are being held captive in every aquarium in North America.  If my kid so much as utters those names at an aquarium we’re packing up and leaving.  I’m sorry if your child says that every time they see a clown fish, but, it drives me wacko!  And that would be an extremely sad ending to that movie if they did in fact end up in an aquarium. Come on kids, THINK!

It’s amazing to me how a parent can be standing right in front of a placard that says “JAGUAR” and they will proceed to tell their child about the cute leopard in the exhibit. 

The day was really fun, the animals were all out and playing and doing stuff I had never seen before.  And of course this was all on the day I forgot my camera.  I’m surprised Brad Pitt and George Clooney weren’t at the zoo since I forgot my camera.  I have the worst luck with that.

Finally, my husband and I discovered that our dogs are not in fact dogs.  They have been spliced with other species of animals. 

Sadie of course is a…

Coyote!  Ok, that’s really not that far of a stretch since coyote’s are sort of part of the canine family.  I think.

But Lexi, little Lexi, we found her exact twin at the zoo.

It’s a, drumroll please…

HIPPOPATAMUS!  I mean really, it’s like looking in a mirror. (For her and me both)