Almost nightly, without fail, my husband makes the same remark to me in bed:

“Oh Martha Washington–are you going to go sew a flag?”

This is in reference to me having my hair pulled back into a bun (so I don’t wake up with sweaty hair sticking to my face) and the glasses I have to wear in order to see anything within five inches of my face. Luckily, it’s not in reference to her actual looks.  Although she’s a handsome woman, I hope I look a little different than her.

Everytime he says this I say, “Hey, dummy, Martha Washington didn’t actually sew the flag.  It was BETSY ROSS!” See the evidence below…

Google search-BETSY ROSS.  And what may I ask is she doing? SEWING A FLAG!

“Whatever Martha Washington. Get back to sewing your flag.”

Granted this all started when I called him Ben Franklin because his old glasses looked like the spectacles that Ben Franklin invented.  That is assuming he actually invented the spectacle which is doubtful since I’m relying on my memory for this historical information.

Here is Ben and his spectacles:

And here are my husband’s former glasses:

Am I wrong here? I’m pretty sure I’m right, as usual. We’re both nerds–and that’s the bottom line…

And do you know what else I’m right about? These girls are beautiful!