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As I’m sitting here on my first day of Spring Break (one of the benefits of working for an educational institution) I’ve become extremely lazy and brain-dead.  That means this post will be brought to you in a random list format.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

  • I spent about five hours on Sunday trying to defeat my husband’s score in Doodle Jump.  And I did it.  Not only did I beat it, I DOMINATED him. I know that questions my coolness but it’s true, I’m a loser!

  • The dogs are absolutely exhausted after the company left.  They had to expend all of their energy avoiding being touched and uncomfortably staring at them.
  • I was the first one out in a thrilling game of HORSE. 

  • Talking on the phone is torture to me.  The only people I feel completely comfortable calling and talking to are my husband and my mother/father.
  • I called instant potatoes Fauxtatoes…you’re welcome. (And I’m not ashamed I make them AND consume them)

  • I’ve got about nine different million-dollar ideas.  The only problem is, is that I don’t have a clue how to produce them.  Also, I do not have a million dollars.
  • Guys need to realize that when Zac Efron is done wearing “the Zac Efron” hair it’s time to give it up.  Justin Bieber I’m talking to you!
  • I always say I hate asparagus and fish.  To be honest I’ve never really tried it.  I also tell people I’m allergic to coconut so I don’t ever have to taste it.  EVER.

Deep thoughts, by Angela.