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Normally my pups are astute hunters and watchdogs that can sense anything within miles of our house. Or at least that’s what I gather from their endless barking day in and day out.  I love them, but eventually their barks are actually going to mean something and as we’re going to tell them to shut it, a bear is going to maul us.  It’s the whole crying wolf thing. 

Back to my point.  Yesterday, I was on the phone gabbing with my mom and letting the dogs out.  As Sadie goes scurrying out I look up and notice this on the corner of the fence.

I know that look on the cat’s face.  It’s the “Uh oh, I’m screwed” look. I don’t think the cat moved one millimeter.  Luckily, my dogs were preoccupied with something else and didn’t even notice.  They didn’t even sense anything was amiss in their backyard.

As you can see, the cat did spot me.  It doesn’t really look amused that I’m taking it’s picture instead of saving it’s life.

Do you see this? The cat is in the corner and my little hunter, Sadie, is just daydreaming in the grass (or should I say weeds?) Also, please no judgment on the dining room chairs being used as patio furniture.  We’re white trash, get used to it.

I finally distracted the dogs for .25 seconds and BAM! the cat was gone!  Pretty thrilling ending, eh?

But I just have one thing to say: You’re welcome kitty, you’re welcome.