This past weekend I traveled north to the breathtaking state of Nebraska.  While many say Nebraska is boring I like to think of it as relaxing. 

My husband was nice enough to set up a time where we could go feed horses at the local race track. His grandparents, who (or is it whom?) we were with, know a trainer out there. 

Yes, we had to have a pass to get to the horses. Although, they have the wrong date printed on there so I don’t feel quite as special.

To be honest I was a little nervous to go feed them.  My fingers slightly resemble baby carrots.  What if they took off a hand?  The largest thing I’ve ever fed is the fat dog, also known as Lexi.

There’s the trainer. I’m not for sure, but I think he may have thought I was an idiot.  Every time I would go up to the horse I would show them the carrot and say, “Carrot…” like the horse had a clue what I was saying. 

I did learn, however, that horses can eat peppermints.  That was their dessert!

I also learned never to utter the words, “I want a horse…” in the vicinity of trainers who would gladly sell you their horse.  Although the guy who we knew actually said he’d GIVE me one if I had a place to keep it.

I thought the backyard would be a good spot.  Clear out our shed and just turn that into a stable.  I’m sure the neighbors wouldn’t mind.  And the dogs would love it too!

And this picture is why husband’s shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures of their wives.  If I was with another female, she would have said “Oh, no, we’re taking another one. You had a major double-chin in that.” But one thing I do love about this picture is that it shows how GIANT this horse was.  It’s head was half my size.  Granted I’m a midget, but still, it was huge. I’m thinking midget isn’t the politically correct term to use.

I mentioned to the dogs that we may be bringing a horse home…This was their reaction:

Anger and disbelief.

More on my Nebraska adventures tomorrow!