A little introduction, this is Toots and Dazzle.  That is his name.  I know he looks slightly, umm, deceased in the top picture.  He’s not though, he was just rolling around and getting dirty.

Toots and Dazzle had a bit of a problem.  I’m not sure what he was given to eat.  I know it wasn’t the twenty or thirty carrots I gave him earlier that affected him in any way, shape or form!

I’m thinking he may have got a hold of some Beef-a-Reeno. Name that show!

As my husband and I were soaking in the quiet peace of the stables (the word stable sounds too classy for where we actually were) out of no where we hear something breaking wind. Cutting the cheese. Letting loose.

Poor Toots and Dazzle was just a ball of gas.  And all he could do to get it out was buck it out of there.  It was one of those moments that you wished more than anything that you had a video camera.  It always seems some of the funniest things happen when you don’t have a way to record it! 

He worked it out after about fifteen or twenty minutes.  And I’m pretty sure we know how he got that name. 

Needless to say, anytime my husband or I breaks wind we call the other one Toots and Dazzle. Not that I ever would do that. I am a lady of course.

Speaking of Toots and Dazzle…

Those could easily be alternative names for these two little pups. It’s up to you which is which.