Is anyone out there sick of looking at horses?  You’re in luck!  Today you’ll get to see a room that makes any room in your house look like a junk yard.  Even if that room is spotless in your mind.

This is The White Room.  I’m sure the couch and chairs are comfortable but no one really knows because no one really sits in there.  It’s pristine! 

The White Room is in my husband’s grandparent’s house that we stay in while we’re in Nebraska. Not that this is the only room in their house that is spotless. 

Every room in their house is spotless. No dust, dirt, or hair.  ANYWHERE.  It’s crazy.  In a good way.  I only wish I could keep up with my house the way that they do.

His grandma probably did ten to twenty loads of laundry while we were there from Wednesday (late night) until Sunday (early morning). 

When she visited us last year she cleaned off each individual window of our French doors!

Don’t take this as knocking her, it’s something I aim to achieve.  Maybe not quite on her level.  But maybe care enough to do the dishes every once in a while.  Or take out the trash. Or shower. Or actually even remotely care about the clumps of dog hair around the house. 

Sadly, this weekend The White Room will be transformed. Although I’m sure it will still be spotless no matter what color it ends up being.

I do know one thing though, these two would NEVER be allowed in their house, let alone that room!