So there I was, minding my own business.  I turned out onto the street to go to work.  Then I feel it.  Shaking. 

My car was shaking.  Oh, and look, the ‘check engine soon’ light is on.  Fabulous.

So, I pulled into a neighborhood and sat and called and waited and called.  My husband is off today for Good Friday, but he was still sleeping and never heard his phone.  And I don’t blame him. I would have been sleeping too. 

I thought about walking home because it wasn’t too far.  But the minute I would think of doing that a downpour would occur right on my car.  Oh did I not mention is was raining and thundering and lightening throughout all of this? 

Luckily, my mom the saint came and picked me up as soon as she possibly could. 

I’m done with this car.  Me and Blanche are THROUGH. 

Ok, ok. I’m speaking out of anger.  But one more mis-step and she is headed to the salvage yard.  I want to love her but she keeps betraying me. 

And now I just bit my tongue.  Awesome.

I just want to be home, cuddled up on a couch with these three.


Let’s all collectively sigh, “Awwww…” after that picture.