That’s Floyd.  I’ve talked about him on here before a couple of times.  He’s my dog nephew.  My brother’s dog. 

Floyd is a special dog.  He was dumped in my brother’s friend’s backyard and ever since my brother took him he has not left his side.  He has to be everywhere his dad is. 

Not that this has anything to do with this story. 

Last night my brother took him to the vet because he couldn’t keep any food down and he was turning into skin and bones.  My brother knew what was wrong.  The x-ray confirmed it.

He had pieces of his beloved basketball lodged in his stomach.  Floyd likes to destroy basketballs and then play with only the pieces.  Well, he liked to play the ULTIMATE keep away and eat the pieces. 

To make a long story short, he had to have surgery to open up his stomach and remove said pieces of the basketball. 

I heard this morning that the surgery was SUCCESSFUL and he’ll be home sweet home Saturday night. 

Lesson learned. A very EXPENSIVE lesson learned.