MyDogumentary is gone…but not forgotten of course.  The dogs are boring.  Boring I tell you! They don’t deserve their own blog.

[All the old posts have been transferred to this blog though, so if you’re feeling nostalgic, read away.]

But do you know who deserves a blog totally devoted to themselves? Me! Not that I’m exciting, but I’m definitely more exciting than two dogs that spend most of their days licking and chewing themselves, barking, eating, sleeping, and just annoying me in general. 

Welcome to Gingela!

What is Gingela you ask? Well, apparently (after a Google search of course) Gingela is a slang term in Britain that is in reference to a ginger-headed girl named Angela.  That is actually not me at all.  Although my name is Angela I am not red-headed. Not even close.  Gingela was created out of combining my lovely friend Ginny’s name and mine together in college for the purpose of AOL Instant Messenger. (That’s sad that, that is now a dated reference)  Normally you’ll see it with the number five attached to it but since the number referenced *NSYNC and they are no longer a group (come on guys–just one more tour!) I’ve dropped the five for the purpose of this blog.  And yes, I’m not afraid to admit that I loved and still love *NSYNC. Although my individual love for JC is gone, the group is not forgotten.

You can still expect dog stories, dog pictures, and just dogness in general but I’m ready to move on and just have fun!

Don’t expect me to all the sudden share family recipes or crafting tricks with you, because that ain’t gonna happen. But I can promise you the same schizophrenic writing style you’ve come to love and expect from me!

I’ve missed you all!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Oh and sidenote, I didn’t die or get sick from the recent Spaghettios recall. I still love them and will still eat them.