Here’s a list. Enjoy:

  • I saw Eclipse this weekend. The acting is almost bearable in this movie.  My only question (to those who have seen any of the Twilight movies): Where the heck is Carlisle Cullen supposed to be from? His accent goes from southern to English to some non-distinguishable accent that I’m not sure where he’s from. Just pick one and stick with it!
  • Making up your own Pictionary game is WAY more fun than playing the real game. I won’t go into details for your own health.  (Please note: if you ever do this, use Pictionary as a clue.)  Do you all remember the game show Win, Lose, or Draw? I loved that game!
  • I went for a run with my husband the other night. {What were you thinking–you may be asking} I kind of wanted to punch him every time he said, “Come on–you’re doing great!” I get that he’s trying to be encouraging but all my brain heard was “I’m doing so much better than you, but you’re doing great for you!” Jerk.
  • WWE wrestling is becoming a fixture in my life. And I love it. There, I admitted it.
  • I’ve been trying to be a much more positive person lately.  It’s really hard though when other people are so stupid.
  • I love cake. And dogs. And fast-absorbing lotion. And candy. And sweatpants.
  • I’m going to eat a banana now, I hate bananas.