I have an uncle. Well, I have several uncles but this is my mom’s only brother. Her only sibling in fact.  He, his wife, and his two gorgeous daughter’s are coming to visit next week all the way from Knoxville, TN.  It should be quite an adventure. And by adventure I mean we’ll probably go eat at Chili’s or something special like that. Woo!

I love my Uncle Phil. He is funny with a capital F. Let me give you a rundown of a couple of instances that he almost traumatized me for life.

Situation 1: The Happiest Place On Earth: Disneyworld (circa 90’s)

We were taking a tram from our parking spot to the park or something to that effect.  I was minding my own business reading a brochure. (side note: this trip was all about the brochures for me. I had a brochure for literally every attraction within Florida’s state line) The brochure slipped out of my hand and flew out of the tram.

“OH way to go Angela. Way to ruin the whole trip,” my uncle (who was well into his adulthood at this point) said as it slipped out of my fingers.

And there I go. Buried my head into whoever was sitting next to me bawling my eyes out.

Situation 2: Branson, MO Pizza Hut (Circa: early 90’s)

My mom, brother, and me met my uncle and aunt (whom he had not married too long before that) at Silver Dollar City for a good ole’ fashion time.  We stopped to eat at a Pizza Hut for dinner one night. As we were eating my hand knocked over a glass of water onto my aunt.  (sidenote: in my elementary school years I probably knocked over a beverage of some sort every time we went out to eat.)

“Oh, do you need a towel with that shower,” my uncle exclaimed to my aunt as she was politely wiping up the spilled water off of her lap.

ZOOM. I ran off to the bathroom bawling. Granted it was a one-person bathroom so I had to wait in line to go cry my eyes out. 

I won’t even go into the story of him forcing us to stay in a KOA cabin. Long story short–after one night we were in a hotel room.

Don’t think that these stories aren’t brought up every time I see him. And it will be no different this time around. I just hope he hasn’t scarred his daughters for life, like he did me.