Would you consider 1am really late or really early? Either way I was up at that time on Saturday morning with brown dog (aka Sadie) having a seizure.  I always know when she is having one because this dog, that may as well be a cat she hates human contact so much, hops in my lap to be comforted.

Did you hear that husband? She may like you more, but she comes to me when she needs love and comfort!

Ok, this isn’t a competition. (yes it is–it always is!) After her initial seizure she always, ALWAYS, paces around the living room for an hour or two.  So I have to wait up and watch her to make sure she doesn’t fall off of furniture or run into a wall or anything tragic like that. 

That’s the typical look I get from her during these pacing episodes.  A look of, “Who the heck are you?”

Oh, there are my Pepto-Bismol colored toes that are in desperate need of a pedicure.

Calgon–take me away!

I kind of get the feeling that this is kind of what her world looks like when she’s in the middle of a seizure. 

Somehow, SOMEHOW, the black dog (aka Lexi) always has to make any situation revolve around her. Kind of like her mom. 

She demanded to be pet and scratched while her sister paced around her. 

Brown dog is fine and back to her feline tendencies.  Black dog is still needy and whiney.

Please disregard any trash, random weights, or boxes that you see in the background of these pictures. The Lord has forgiven me for the mess so I think you can too.