Like I mentioned a few days ago, my uncle, aunt and two cousins are in town for the week.  One of them is off being smart at some honor’s camp that I didn’t really get because I wasn’t smart enough to follow what she’d be doing.  Let’s just say she had homework before the camp even started.  Sounds like a fun camp to me! Almost as fun as fat camp! But I digress…my uncle, aunt, 14-year cousin, mom, me and my husband were all sitting around the table talking.  Mainly about me, because I’m really interesting and super funny. Ok, not really, but I’m sure the spotlight was on me a few times because I generally direct it towards me no matter what the topic of discussion is.

Geez…I get so off track! I think I may have A.D.D.

The topic of my grandparents (RIP) plots that they own came up.

Well that lead to a topic of death, cremation and many other morbid discussions.

Of course my dad and uncle want to be cremated because it ONLY costs $700! What a deal! And you can be put anywhere! Oh the things you could do with ashes!

My dad also informed us that we’re going to have to hire pall bearers because he only has female friends.  I bet you didn’t know my dad was such a ladies man did you? He’s not–he’s just delusional.

I’ve informed everyone I know that even if they have to pay people, I want a full house at my funeral. Preferably with either *NSYNC or Boyz II Men singing “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday…” either that or “Bye, Bye, Bye.” You’re ALL invited!

Needless to say this is all that came out of my 14-year old cousins mouth, “Gosh you guys are so depressing.”

That comment really made the conversation die.