The other day when I went to see Eclipse with Lauren, a commercial came on for Keebler cookies of some sort. It made me hungry, but it also made me think.  How awesome would it be if the Keebler elves lived in MY house? 

Fresh baked cookies everyday, folksy wisdom from wise tree-dwelling elves, and well, mainly the cookies would be the main draw. 

I love me some EL Fudge. 

Imagine waking up to this guy everyday

With fresh cookies in hand to start your morning off right. 

But then I started to think a little harder. (It’s these major things in life I really think hard about)

What about the mess? Would they have little toilets? Or would I have to clean out their dwelling like a hamster every day? What if one of the dogs got a hold of one of them and accidentally killed them? Would I be charged with manslaughter (or elf slaughter in this case)? Are they self-sufficient or would I have to get someone to watch them when I went out-of-town? Do they supply their own baking supplies or would I be paying for it?

So the more I thought about it, the more I’d rather just let them stay in a tree and I’ll just go buy their product from my local grocer. 

And then it dawned on me that the Keebler elves actually aren’t real. What a bummer.