One thing that my mother insisted we do when our company was here was to have a girl’s lunch at a local tea room. If you know me at all you know how sophisticated and dainty I am, so a tea room with delicate china is the perfect setting for someone like me.  Oh except not–considering I have butter fingers and a tendency to turn any setting into an awkward situation.  Usually by burping at the wrong time or dropping a drink in someone’s lap.

So there we were enjoying our sandwiches and salads and all of this feminine, little food. I start off the classiness by slurping my lemonade at probably the quietest moment of the whole lunch. Then I stuff my face with chocolate cake. I ate it so fast that my cousin had time to literally eat two bites of her cake. And I’m pretty sure my aunt took a picture of us when I had cake all over my face.

But, my mom and aunt topped it off.  The waitress came for the check and there was almost an all out brawl over who would pay the check. It almost got to the point where I was willing to pay for it. Almost. Voices were raised, insults were blurted out and punches were thrown.

Ok, no punches or insults were thrown but voices were raised! And that in a girly, frilly tea room is the equivalent to punches!  I informed them that I may have to get up and leave the table because they were just too embarrassing for me.

And then I licked the chocolate crumbs off my plate.

Ok, maybe not.

But I did think about it.

And it’s the thought that counts.