Lexi, my big, black, beautiful dog is just a little turd.  There I said it.

There is one thing in life that annoys her to death (other than an empty food bowl) and that’s when I pull out the camera to take her picture.

She hates it and I don’t know why. 

Here’s a recent set I took of her right before bedtime and I mainly was taking pictures of her because I knew it was annoying her.

I’m the best mom ever.

This is the general response I get from her when the camera comes out. 

Her life is so rough.  Notice how she’s completely avoiding eye contact with the camera.

Also notice that her nails look like bear’s claws. Yikes!

Woe is her.  Could she have a more sour look on her face?

This is the face of a dog contemplating attacking their owner. Memorize this face and remember it in case of emergencies.

The raised eyebrows gave me the sense that she’d had enough.  I even tried to bribe her with the word treat…

That got the other one’s attention.

By the way, I’m trying a new trend in photography. Blurry, out of focus, and dark. Do you think it’ll catch on?