I’ve seemed to have gotten myself stuck in a rut lately. I have the same routine daily and it’s a habit that has been passed on to me from my father. He has almost the exact same schedule daily. If anything deviates from that schedule his brain comes very close to exploding. Let’s just say he’s a little inflexible.

I, unfortunately, have a bit of this personality in me. I guess some may call it OCD but it doesn’t seem like it. I just like routine.

Here’s a little glimpse into the day in the life of Angela [hold on to your hats–it’s thrilling]:


Get up, most days run on the treadmill, sit around for a few minutes, let the dogs out, get ready, give the dogs their pills and breakfast, eat breakfast, leave for work.

My day:

Get to work (obviously taking the same way to work every morning), open up computer programs in the same order daily, work, go to lunch at the same time everyday, pretty much eat the same lunch every day, come back to work, work.

My evening:

Get home from work, run again (either treadmill or outside–ohh VARIETY!), play with the dogs, cook/eat dinner, shower, watch tv, give dogs their pills, get ready for bed, go to bed.

*I have to add that my least favorite part of EVERYDAY is getting ready for bed. I actually put off going to bed because I hate washing my face, taking contacts out, etc…

Is that not an awful way to go through life? Doing the same things over and over every day?

I need a change. I need to spice up my life as the Spice Girls would say. 

What are some of the fun things you do on weeknights that break up the mundaneness (is that a word? It is now) of life? I am open for any suggestions!

Every boy and Every girl–SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!