Do you ever have one of those weekends? One where nothing goes right and everything is disjointed and confusing and just emotionally exhausting?

I just had one.

And it was awful.

After a blissful Saturday morning filled with cleaning and doing mundane chores my husband and I were going to embark on our “cheat” meal.  Ya’ know what I’m talking about.  Where you starve yourself during the week and then reward yourself by eating a total of three times the amount of calories you deprived yourself of during the previous week.

I didn’t care where we ate. The only thing I didn’t want was Olive Garden. It’s way too hot out there to eat a heavy Italian meal.  Can you guess the place he wanted to go? Of course, Olive Garden.

I suggested Chilis. Only because my husband had mentioned it earlier in the week.

Well, I thought it was fine. Only I got the silent treatment on the way there.

I thought my husband was being a brat! How dare he pout because I wanted something other than what he wanted. I demanded that he turn the car around if he wasn’t going to speak to me.

So he did. And we spent the afternoon apart.

Am I sharing too much information? Possibly, but this is life. Life happens.

I spent most of the afternoon at my parent’s house complaining and groaning about how big of a baby my husband is.

My husband spent the afternoon at the mall. Buying shoes. Something doesn’t seem fair about this.

To make a long story short, he was having an issue with how routine our life had become and how predictable we are.  Somehow though, it was my fault. Isn’t it always? I straightened that out really quickly.

I said, “Have you been reading my blog again?”

“Uhh no. I don’t even know what your new blog address is.” Thanks honey. I appreciate the support.

Let me give you a word of advice. Talk things out. Otherwise you’ll end up with three gallons of milk, 200+ Benadryl and three Sonic Route 44’s because we hadn’t communicated that whole day. 

Breathe a sigh of relief…things are back to normal. In fact, I had the great suggestion that we could easily break up the monotony by getting a new puppy. I almost had him with that one.  Almost.

So, anyone have any recipes that involve a whole lotta’ milk?