Ok, confession time.

Who has a room like this in their house?  Raise your hand.  Don’t be shy.

No, I’m not talking about the hideous paint color. (Yes, I’m too lazy to paint over the former owners color)

This room is no longer a room. It’s a closet. More of an extension of my attic.

Random weights, a half-made pillow, and a ton of boxes occupy this room.

We at least tried to class it up a bit with the crystal candle holders on top of the book shelf. 

Oh and those books? 99% of them have never been cracked.

Especially Marley and Me. I still haven’t forgiven my mom for getting me that book.  What was she thinking?

Oh but there are treasures in this junk.  I’ll give you a couple of sneak peeks.

These treasures are some of my childhood toys that I took from my parent’s attic. 

I’m sure many of you recognize this little guy (or girl. or it. I’m not sure what they are.)

As I’m rummaging through them I’ll share some of my favorite childhood toys with you.  And maybe even help you reminisce a little along the way! 

I’m excited, aren’t you? No? Well fake it for me, will you? Thanks.