This weekend went much more smoothly than last weekend’s Olive Garden incident.  It was full of eating, laughing, passing time in a car trying to make shapes out of clouds (which every cloud I saw looked like a dragon to me. I’m not sure what that says about me or my psyche.), and did I mention eating?

The topper to this marvelously busy weekend was finding this guy.

Meet Franklin Turtleo Roosevelt. [Note: He was named by my husband. Isn’t he so creative?] He was found by two very brave dogs in the backyard. And by brave I mean they didn’t know what it was and were actually scared of it.

Although the brown dog wanted more than anything to take a little nibble at him, we wouldn’t let her.

See the yearning in her eyes? She wanted that turtle badly.

I should give a little back story to my family and turtles.  When we were kids my mom or dad would load up the kids almost every Saturday morning and we would go turtle hunting. The word hunting is used pretty loosely here because obviously we would capture them as pets, not to eat.  We had a variety of turtles every summer that we would keep in a flower garden next to our front door. The names ranged from Bertha to Eye Embolger (Don’t ask; I don’t know what it means) and my favorite Laimbeer. 

Laimbeer was named after the basketball great Bill Laimbeer.  It was my brothers being ironic (as ironic as grade school boys can be) and naming the smallest turtle after a giant basketball player. Laimbeer was given to me by force from my mom.  Since I was only 5 or so I could never find a turtle on my own. My brothers gave me Laimbeer only for me to turn around and lose it. How can you lose a turtle, you may be asking.  They can fly when they need to! That’s how. 

Fast Forward to present day…

I gave F.T.R. to my brother to make up for me losing Laimbeer. It’s the least I could do. Plus he was a bitter turtle and he also smelled.

This was our prom picture. Although he didn’t give me a corsage, he gave me memories to last a lifetime. And he also peed on my hand.

Goodbye forever, F.T.R.