The other night my lovely, wonderful friend Lauren and I were discussing what we were passionate about in life.  The word passionate does make me gag a little when I use it but there’s not really another word to describe it.

I know my true passion is dogs. If only a person could make millions off a dog! Well, they could but my two reject dogs are worth nothing. We’ll just say they’re priceless. [I’m kidding about my dogs, everyone here knows I love them and would probably give my life to save one of them. If they needed a kidney; I would give it to them.]

Then it hit me…

My true, undying passion lies in…(drumroll please)


Nothing in the world makes me happier than candy. It can turn my darkest day into a sun-filled blessed day. I wanted to turn a blank wall in our house into a candy wall. Shelves upon shelves, jars upon jars of candy! My husband quickly shot that down because A.) It wasn’t practical B.) Our waistlines would suffer and C.) He’s a dream crusher.

Everyone loves candy, right? What’s your favorite type?

I feel like I need the excuse to eat candy at least once a week. So here’s the deal. I’m going to eat candy and tell you about it. How does that sound? [If you say boring, keep it to yourself]

This week I’m featuring: Twizzlers.

I love red licorice. Love. It.

To me nothing goes better with a movie than a pack of Twizzlers and a root beer. I’ve been known to finish off a Family Size bag on my own.

Like I said, throw out the candy that makes you happiest and I’ll give it a try.  The only thing I can’t do is coconut. Or mint and chocolate. But other than that–I’m game! UPDATE: I Love, LOVE chocolate…it’s the combination of mint and chocolate that I don’t like. So bring on the chocolate suggestions!

Maybe this will lead me to open up my own candy shop. That would be like dying and going to heaven.  A heaven that I could eat my surroundings…