Remember the post about my junk room?

Here’s a terrifying reminder.

Well, I promised you a peak into some of the fun things that I found in my parent’s attic. 

This is part 1.

And it’s a doozie!

Oh what’s this little inconspicuous rainbow?

Hmm…I wonder what it could be?

Pee-a-Boo.  I see you…

I’m sure you all can tell by this clump of rainbow-colored fluff what this is.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Oh, Hello Rainbow Brite characters! How are you all this morning? Except you evil Murky. I hope you’re doing awful.

Looks like the Sprites and the Color Kids are doing just fine today. [Yes, I looked up the characters. No, I didn’t remember them.]

Doesn’t it just make you want to be a kid again?

Look at how ridiculous Murky looks. After all of those years spent pinned up in the rainbow, Rainbow Brite had enough and punched his nose so hard that it is permanently indented. Either that or I pushed it in as a child and haven’t been able to fix it since.

These were my favorite guys.  There’s just something about them that always spoke to me. And they’re also my dogs favorite. They’ve been removed from a certain brown dog that we all know and love’s mouth a few times.

And here’s the Diva herself, RAINBOW Brite. If we could all pull-off yarn hair the way she does, the world would be a better place.

One final shot of the whole gang. 

Am I the only one who wanted to be Rainbow Brite every year for Halloween? My neighbor got to be her and I was always so jealous. Green with envy. 

I guess there’s always this year!