So the title may be a bit of an exaggeration but still. I had dinner with Mark Harmon. Granted there were two other people at the table and I didn’t mutter one word, but still it was a date.

Every year Mark Harmon comes to Oklahoma City to do a charity event.  Why he picked Oklahoma City to do events in? I’m not really sure. But he did.  And that’s all that counts, right?

My lovely friend, Ginny, and her family go every year to all of the events.  She invited me to go along and that’s how Mark Harmon and I fell in love. (Again, I could be exaggerating a wee bit.)

I will tell you one thing. Don’t ever try to take Mark Harmon’s picture while he’s eating. I didn’t make that mistake but one of the event photographers did. And he lost his life that night at the hands of Mark Harmon. Ok, that’s a lie.  But he did get a really, mean dirty look from him.

The proof is in the pudding right? Well, here’s the puddin’ baby.

This picture is from a few years ago. A couple of things have changed about me since then.  Those jeans don’t fit, I’m not blonde anymore and Ginny’s arms are gargantuan now. As in muscular, as in I’m jealous, as in why is everyone in the picture wearing shorts or a sleeveless shirt and I’m wearing jeans and a jacket?

I don’t know if you can see it, but I see the love in Mark’s eyes and I see his hand trying to get to second base around my shoulder there.  Is that me being delusional again?

Yes it is.

I only hope everyone out there is half as delusional as I am.  It makes the world a better place to live in.