Along with a large portion of the female members of society, I saw Eat, Pray, Love this weekend.  I went with my lovely friends Ginny and Lauren. I’ve never read the book and to be honest didn’t really know much about it until the movie came out. 

But this post isn’t about the movie.

It’s about my journey that night.

Mine was a bit out-of-order from the movie title. 

It was more like this:

Pray: I prayed that something magical would happen that night at the movie theater/mall.

Love: I love Chick-fil-a with all my heart, soul, and mind. My heart is divided between my husband, Chick-fil-a, my dogs, and God is tops of course. My family is thrown in there too somewhere.

Eat: I ate until my heart was content at Chick-fil-a. And something magical did happen that night. I ordered an 8 piece nugget meal.  And friends I’m here to tell you–they gave me a 12-piece nugget meal instead.

I found myself that night in the food court at the mall.

And for that I’m eternally grateful.