We all have bad habits right? Biting our fingernails, popping our knuckles, and not flushing the toilet.  Oh, I’m the only who doesn’t flush the toilet? I’m not sure where that one came from. I think it’s from living with a boy. Only he flushes it, so I’m not sure.

But I digress.

My worst habit that I have is leaving my shoes everywhere.  This drives my husband absolutely insane.  In. Sane.

It makes me laugh how much it drives him crazy. The best is when he trips over a pair. He gets so red in the face.  It’s also known as “Red Brian” around these parts.

Last week we counted no less than five pairs of shoes laying (or is lying? I never know these tricky English rules) around our living/kitchen. One pair on the couch, one pair by the trashcan, one pair under an ottoman, one pair in the garage (with one sandal being strategically placed by his driver side door) and one pair in the middle of the room. 

I can’t help it. I literally walk into the house and take my shoes off. I’ve always done it and it’s always driven whoever I lived with crazy.  My mom, my roommates and now my husband.  Look, I had to live with all of their bad habits so the least they could do is just deal with it.

Am I the only one who takes pleasure in my bad habits annoying people?

Granted it is a totally different story when someone else’s bad habit interferes with my day.

Fess up–what’s your worst habit? Even if it’s picking your nose–I want to know!