Last night my husband and I made our way to Kansas City, USA to visit the in-laws.

Aren’t road trips the best? As long as you’re with people you like. Because trust me, I’ve taken road trips with people that it ended awkwardly. As in, “Had fun–see ya’ never again!”

Luckily, I like my husband and enjoy his company.  He probably doesn’t feel the same way as I do considering I got looks of death as I was singing “Ironic” for half the trip.  I sound just like Alanis–he just doesn’t want to admit it.

Here’s our snack bag:

It sort of looks healthy from that angle–sandwiches, goldfish, and rice cakes. The hidden Twizzlers, Kit Kat bars, Circus Animal Cookies, and malted milk balls are under all of that stuff.  I can’t lie to you people–I ate almost everything on my own. 

Here’s the view going through Oklahoma…

Shocking–there’s construction.  There’s always construction in Oklahoma.

Is it just me or does my foot look like an alien hand and/or foot? It looks very boney and veiny. 

Moving on…

We (I use the term we loosely–it was all me) found the perfect, and I mean the PERFECT name for a donkey if anyone is looking to get one.  Ba-Donkey-donk!  You heard it here first folks. 

This is driving through Kansas.  I just wanted people who think Kansas is boring to drive through to see a picture of hills and trees and how it can be pretty.  And I saw a coyote walking along the road.  I also saw a lot of dead armadillo…but that’s a different story all together.

Here’s the man-driving with some amazing sun flare action happening. He almost made me realize that I really don’t know who he is when he informed me that, (are you ready for this?) “Shot Through the Heart” is one of his least favorite songs.  Excuse me? I couldn’t talk to him for a few minutes because I was afraid of what I would say. I love you Bon Jovi–don’t let anyone tell you differently.

I know the Pioneer Woman shows you the nice hotel bathrooms she stays in–I thought I’d take a different angle on that and show you the nice rest stop bathrooms I go in.  You’re welcome.

And yes I am shaped like a bell.

The end.