You know those days when you feel extra old? Today is that day.

I stayed up past my bedtime on Saturday.  Way past my bedtime.  1am.  Who does that at my age?

Then I had to turn around and wake up at 8am.  Do you understand that’s only seven hours of sleep?  SEVEN hours.  I require at least nine hours of sleep to function properly.

All of this was due to the excitement of my sister-in-law getting engaged.  And everyone was wired over the excitement. We were all also blinded by the ring. 

But now it’s Monday morning and I’m back at work and not on a fun trip to Kansas City. I also went to bed at 9:30 last night. But then a black dog who shall remain nameless kept waking me up with her itching and scratching. I’m exhausted.  And also a little bloated to be honest with you. 

What is it with vacations and just letting yourself go?  I ate so much I could not eat for a week and be fine. Mainly carbs too.  Carbs can kiss my grits for all I care.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back to normal. But am I ever really normal?