Meet Scotty.

This was my first stuffed animal ever. And I named it because I was under the impression it was a Scottie Dog.

But looking at it now, and honestly I’m just now making this assessment, it is clearly a Westhighland Terrier.  Wow, I was really misguided as a youth.  And also really bad at naming my toys/pets. 

I owned a hedgehog once.  I named it Hedgey.  The creativity just flows through me like electricity.  Not.

This little guy has lived through several dog attacks and I’m sure several nights cuddled up [aka suffocating] next to me in bed.

As you can see the brown dog is stalking him in each one of these pictures. 

He lost part of his ear sometime in the last twenty-plus years.  Although it looks like something Mike Tyson would have done, I’m pretty sure it was a little wiener dog by the name of Chips that did that.

I’m fairly certain that this stuffed dog was the catalyst I needed in my life to become obsessed with dogs. 

So if anyone is really to blame here, it’s my mother. 

Also of note, you’ll notice my floors are actually clean in these pictures.  It’s the little victories in my life that get me through the day.