I’ve come to a very important realization in life. When it comes to pictures I just need to be goofy.  Anytime I try to do a serious picture it just turns out horribly.

Here’s a serious pose. All I have to say was what was I smoking before this picture was taken?


But I had just eaten a piece of cheesecake so I was probably high off the fat content. Yummmm. Fat.

Here’s a little less serious.  It’s slowly getting better. My hand is on my hip and my back is arched so I’m obviously having a good time.

Just a note–that’s not my cheesecake plate you see on the counter.  My plate was licked clean. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s to not leave a thing on your plate. 

Or maybe not.

Here’s the best pose by far.  Nutcracker chin is covered up, body’s covered up and the lighting is just right.  The cheesecake high has worn off and I look genuinely happy.

From now on I’m only posing behind objects and/or people. And also shooting from the waist up.

If you’ve got any photo tips you’ve learned about yourself throughout the years–shout them out in the comments!

I’m still working on smiling with my eyes…

[photos were provided by my beautiful cousin-in-law whom I won’t even put a picture of her up because her beauty is just too much for the eye to handle. Along with the rest of my in-laws.]