…gross you out or make you feel more normal.

These are some of the disgusting things/habits that my husband has to live with. Mentally pour one out for him. I’m a truly disgusting human being.

1. We’ll start soft.  I chew my fingernails. I use my teeth as my nail clippers and that’s how I give myself a manicure weekly.  My teeth are paying the price for this, as is my husband who I’m sure has stepped on his fair share of fingernails. Because yes, I do just spit them out on the floor.

2. If that one grossed you out you may not want to go any further.  I hardly ever wash any pair of pants I own. It’s more of a mental thing. I’m afraid if I wash them they’ll shrink up and mentally I’ll feel fat. Thank goodness for Febreeze. 

3. I rarely change my razor head. I’ll use it for a couple of months, if not more. Until I die of gangrene I’ll keep doing it. I also hate showering–but that’s another subject for another time.

4. This is a horrible habit I’ve picked up just recently–I don’t ever flush the toilet.  I mean eventually I do, but nine times out of ten I’ll just wash my hands and leave like nothing happened. At least I wash my hands! I’d like to blame this one on someone, but I have no one but myself to blame.

5. Ok, this one truly grosses out my husband (and probably will gross all of you out). I wear the same workout clothing for a week straight without washing it. Did you puke? When I actually type it, it’s disgusting.  But what is the point of washing it? It’s just going to get nasty and sweaty all over again! I have not washed the socks I wear running for at least a month. I actually can blame this one on my father.  Thanks dad!

Let it out. What’s your grossest habit? Come out of your shell and share. 

If anything I made the fact that you pick your nose or pull out wedgies a little less embarrassing.

I’m always here to help.