And I ain’t talking about no turkey neither.

Wow, that sentence made me cringe.

So, my husband went to Hooters yesterday. And that doesn’t bother me because honestly what do I have to be worried about? I’m perfect. Plus last time he went there (which was years ago) he vowed not to go back because his grilled cheese and fries and a drink came to about $15. And that was just truly outrageous.  Truly, truly outrageous! [Name that show and I’ll love you forever]

So he said, “Yeah I’m convinced that there’s something out there that girls can put in their bras that makes their bosom [edited by me] appear larger.”

“Uhhhh, yeah–they’re called cutlets.  And it basically makes your whole bosom [edited] stick out the top of your shirt.”

Then I brought up the fact that Victoria’s Secret has a new bra that makes you TWO-SIZES BIGGER!  To me that just seems like a big lie. You can’t promote yourself as one thing and then reveal yourself to be a totally different (and I might add smaller) thing.

He totally agreed with me saying that any guy would be highly disappointed if he thought he was getting filet mignon and got some round steak instead.  That’s my illustration not his.  And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being itty-bitty, because trust me, I’m there with ya’.

I don’t think I’ve ever stuffed my bra. Who knows-maybe I did when I was in middle school. But it didn’t really matter back then. 

My point is, stuff your birds–not your shirt.