My mom loves me.  Do you know why I know this?  Because she buys me things.  I measure people’s love for me by the amount of things they buy me.

My mom bought me this on Sunday.

I love it. I love it with all my being.  I would buy it anything it wanted–that’s how much I love it.

Could there be a more perfect fall coat? The colors. The fact that it’s a coat. It’s just perfection.

Oh she’s so beautiful. Granted it is my coat–so I’ve had it for two days and it’s already wrinkled and has dog hair all over it. I think that’s just me accessorizing it.

I encourage all of you to run to your local Target and buy this coat immediately. It will change your life. It’s changed mine already.

Thank you mom for buying me this beautiful trench. Now if you really want to show me you love me I could really use a new car.