So my husband has a fully admitted man-crush. I’m not sure what to think about it.  I guess I should start worrying when he starts hanging up posters of him and kissing him goodnight before bed every night.  I wouldn’t say it’s a “wow he’s hot” type of crush.  It’s more of a “I would give anything to look like him” crush. 

And while I wish it was this guy:

It’s actually this guy:

Yes my husband wants to emulate a WWE wrestler.  Randy Orton to be exact.  Just as long as it’s his body he wants and not the profession or the sleeves of tattoos. (No offense if you have sleeves–they’re just not my thing)

In fact, although he would never admit this, my husband just shaved his head and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with that guy. 

Anyone else’s spouse/partner have a man-crush? (Or if it’s a woman a girl-crush?)

I’ll admit–I’ve got my girl crushes.  I would love to have Jennifer Aniston’s body. Or Christina Hendricks, ummm, hmmmm…you know. (Or at least a small part of them.) But I get more crushes on inanimate objects-like a nice knee-high boot.  Or a nice dark jean.  Ooo, ooo, or how about a nice big slice of chocolate cake with a cold glass of milk? 

How do I end up talking about food in almost every post? Please send help.