My mother. Lexi and Sadie’s grandmother.  She has been nothing but cruel about my sweet, Lexi’s looks. 

On Sunday at church every time the dogs were brought up it was, “Oh she’s ugly.” “She’s a big girl.” Look mom, she’s pleasantly plump.  Ok?  And she’s beautiful. 

Look at her? White teeth.  Black fur. And the most beautiful eyes ever.  Plus she has a really winning personality.  And a spotted black and pink tongue? Forget about it. She’s a doll.

I know she’s not a tiny, petite girl who every grandmother wishes she had.  But she is still beautiful.  She’s big, black and beautiful. 

And look at those tiny little ears! How could you not love them. 

So as of this very moment, Grandma, Lexi and I are waiting for a formal (and public) apology.

We also accept gifts of clothing and cold hard cash.