Ok, I’m just going to say it: My husband dream cheated on me.

I woke up furious at him for absolutely no reason. I let him know of course. It’s unacceptable!

And the fact that he did it in my parent’s house.  While we were all there.  Sleeping. 

It’s just inexcusable. Oh he tried to play dumb this morning.  But I know. HE knows.  

And I won’t even tell you who he cheated on me with. He would be embarrassed (actually I would be the one embarrassed)

I just keep telling myself–“it’s just a dream. You can’t actually be mad at him…”

But I am.  And I think he owes me a.)an apology and b.)something nice from Ikea or Anthropologie.

My (dream) life is a rollercoaster. I’m just along for the ride.