My husband and I are planning to go to the Great State Fair of Ok-lahoma next weekend.  I thought I’d take a quick look to see the schedule to see what was happening the night we were planning to go.

Two things caught my eye:

Uhh, that’s right. MC Hammer live and in concert. I’m planning on getting my parachute pants on and going out there and Hammering it up with him. Because you know what? You can’t touch this…

Before MC Hammer though, I plan on grabbing a corn dog, funnel cake, and some fried bacon and getting front row seats for this:

(Take a look at the 6:30 time slot)

“Oh look honey–this sheep’s intestines look just like my funnel cake!”

I mean seriously.

And I love how the fair is so enthusiastic about it. Live Surgery!

No thanks, no thanks.

I’ll stick to my people watching and gluttony.  That’s the only thing that’s on my schedule for that evening.